Stages of fish processing

and a degree of confidence as, drowning in data, we all go through the next stage of development

The Solid-State Digital Age of Aquarius

Whether we want to or not 

Your personal rate of development depends on the ground on which you fall and the culture in which you are in.  Since every one of us, like a colt learning to run, must go through stages of personal development; it follows that daFish cultures must also go through stages of development.  In the past, in any elementary school, students from different cultures went through developmental changes at different times and rates.  But today, this WIN-WIN Instant Gratification Global Village of culture is having a Titanic sinking experience: a tipping point, a moment of crystalized clarity after we have all run to one side of the sinking ship.  

Here's your Nexus Pass:  Welcome to the fast lane.  Accelerationism.

spoiler alert: it's climate change,

 In cymatics, the higher the frequency, the more complex the form.  You are a grain of sand in this equation.

.What is a Morphogenetic Field? Morphic resonance (singing in harmony) works through morphic fields, which organize the bodies of plants and animals through vibratory patterns.

We are all finely tuned into the frequency of the Digital Age of Aquarius.  Some say that we have done this to ourselves.  It doesn't matter.  Regardless of what you believe, there is the steel plate of reality

 It’s not about Mars.  

It’s about your choices as a grain of sand in theFlux that forms the pattern, and just like a fish in water, the common pane of it all.