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A few weeks earlier I had heard a doctor, say to the nurse "Go get his wife"!  Unable to close my femoral artery, his hands were shaking with the effort he was making to stop my bleeding.  He thought that I was going to bleed to death as soon as he took the pressure off, so did I.  They say it's like cutting the bottom off a styrofoam cup.   You drain right out in seconds. 

2012 - Sedona, Arizona 

The morning was warm and dry that November in Sedona and the backyard of the B&B where we were staying called to me first thing in the morning.  An early riser, I had practiced an 18 breath meditation each and every morning for over three years.

I found a small pad, brushed off the leaves, and was silent.  It was the Fall of 2012 and Susan and I had just spent one week in a mediation workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek.  It was my second.  

I was idly playing in the leaves after my morning meditation when my fingers found a small rock. 

Susan and I had booked our flights so that we could have a few days to sightsee and visit some of the vortex energy sites found in Sedona.   I'm hoped to find something, some holy grail.  This was our last day. 

At the time I thought that my next health issue would probably kill me, I didn't think that I could take much more.   Multiple blood clots and surgeries, constant acute chronic pain, passing out while walking off a leg cramp, constant confusion and increasing emotional outburst's.  Unemployed for six years because I could no longer problem solve technical issues and was unable to resolve even the simplest interpersonal conflict.  I was an emotional tar pit.  Does this sound like someone who has meditated since 1973? 

Today, 2021, I know that my problems were due to prescribed medications and my hippocampus.  Statins.

In 2012, I had no idea what I was looking for, I just knew that I wanted to go to  Sedona.  Susan, at this point, could deny me nothing, we both thought that I was having my last meal.  We had discussed the means and methods of traveling outside the Canadian health system.  I was for striping my ID and leaving me on a bench, anything else would bankrupt us; again.   We talked about this, but I knew in my heart that Susan would never leave me behind.  That she would never let go of my hand, even in a raging river of madness.

I had copied most of the drawings from the paperback version of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life with my DNA lighting The Way.  I was spelunking  deep in a metaphysical realm.  There are costs for diving  so deep, and I must admit, I never thought that the price would be so steep, but that's what happens when you stick your head through the portal searching for The Door Into Summer.  There are also benefits, but:

Before enlightenment, you must cut wood and carry water.
After enlightenment, you must cut wood and carry water
- Rahelio, Registered Native American Shaman

From the bottom of  a crackerjack box of dry leaves I found a rock the size of my thumb,  a 2012 Darwin Award Runner-Up Prize.  The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it in a spectacular manner!

It is a pretty cool rock, with what appears to be a crescent moon, sarcophagus, a dJed Pillar the backbone of Azra, and jaguar a with a seed of life in his eye.  

Was this synchronicityIs this enlightenment?   Or am I as dumb as a rock?  Probably, all of the above but in any case, on our last day in Sedona, suddenly Rahelio got back to us and agreed to take us, within my walking distance to Shaman's Cave.   So we went.

Rahelio took us to the cave, preformed ceremony and as I lay on a horse blanket in Shaman's Cave I felt a serpent crawl up my back; Susan sat up, reached out and found a feather with a heart.  In Sedona, people stopped Susan and gave her hearts.  That was the meditation workshop: Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

I AM Here 

Stained Glass Artwork part of a metaphysical machine on my back porch